Tuesday, 7 February 2012

In Memoriam

This morning we lost a dear friend; a companion, a playmate; a son. Pepe (Pepoucho) lived a long, full life, nearly 17 years, and yet we say goodbye far too soon.

I've never encountered a cat more fiercely loyal; to his mommy, my lovely wife Tracey, who got Pepe when he was just a kitten; and later, to me. I've never met a cat more loving. And let me tell you, no other cat could ever Cha-Cha-Cha like this one. Must have been his latin heritage.

And I've also never met a cat more loved.

Cats are amazing creatures. The dynamic around our household changed drastically since we discovered Pepe's tumour right around the start of the year. The other cats could sense the illness; smell it. As the weeks went on and Pepe started deteriorating, each of the cats said goodbye in their own way. This morning Newman, who never gave Pepe any open affection, gave him some head-butts as if to say "take care, big guy". Madeline, the "mother hen" of the clan, approached Pepe this morning, sniffed at the cancerous area and put her paw on his back. Jackie Chiles, who worshipped his big brother and took every opportunity to be near him, is nowhere to be found now. He's going to have the toughest time with Pepe's absence.

This is the tough part of pet ownership; particularly dogs and cats that don't live that long. Heck we have a neighbor who has a parrot who she had to put in her will as the bird is likely to outlive her. If only our dogs and cats could live, and thrive, for that long. What I wouldn't give for one more day with a healthy Pepe; one more lick on the nose, one more head tilt, one more Cha-Cha-Cha.

We love you Pepoucho. Rest in Peace, our baby.

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Here we are on SuperBowl Sunday, just hours before the big game with Tracey's beloved Giants and the hated Patriots, but our minds aren't completely on football. Pepe's cancer has progressed to the point where it's time to let him go. On Tuesday at 11:30 AM, we are putting Pepe to rest.

Tuesday is going to be a very sad day.