Saturday, 12 January 2013

Radio Ga-Ga

Those of you who know that the title of this blog actually refers to a song by Queen, rather than the artist we are actually going to discuss, are probably too old to read this particular blog entry. Continue at your own risk.

Last night my wife and I went to a spectacle; a grand spectacle the likes of which I am not sure I have experienced before. I might describe it as a Katy Perry concert if Katy Perry and her dancers were all high on blow.

Anyway, the concert begins with the artist coming out (to a song I admittedly did not recognize) on a horse. Yes you read that correctly. She lead a procession of her dancers around the triangle-shaped stage ON A REAL HORSE. Oh, and the concert began EARLY. Five minutes before her posted time (we did not bother to show up early enough to see the two opening acts, a performance artist and random idiot DJ).

As if the horse didn't get the crowd pumped enough to start the show, she didn't waste any time getting into the hits, as the second number was BORN THIS WAY. That had everyone on their feet, jumping, fists pumping, singing along......great way to get things really going.

Just a few numbers into the show, I wasn't sure if I was at a concert, a Greek tragedy, or a Roman orgy.

Editor's side note: I texted the above line to my music loving buddy Kevin last night to which he replied:

"An orgy with a horse. Check that off the bucket list".

Well played, sir.

There was the aformentioned horse, motorcycles, a meat dress, a meat couch (probably not ACTUALLY made of meat, although I wouldn't put it past her), a giant castle, aliens, a phone call to a fan in the audience (I kid you not), a heartfelt rendition of Happy Birthday to a girl in her "monster pit" celebrating her 18th birthday, too many costume changes to count (one for just about every song), a huge inflatable balloon featuring outstretched legs from which the singer emerged to kick off "Born This Way" (see pic directly below), and music. Boy, there was music. If she missed any hits, I can't think of any. Sure there were some moments that sounded like pre-taped loops during some of the more intricate dance numbers, but not many of those, and Gaga's voice was powerful and on point. She really, really, can sing.

I'm not sure how I would describe her if I was pressed, but I know one thing she ain't, and that's a Lady. And that's not an insult.

Early on, during Bad Romance, she emerged in this little number:

Which can only indicate that she is, in fact, the love child of the Man from Glad and the Pagan boss from Dragnet, played so spendidly by Christopher Plummer:

Now, before any of my loyal blog readers asks me if this show was as good as the shows I saw last November, please go back to Planet UMustbefuckingjoking. Comparing this extravaganza to an evening with Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney or even Steve Winwood is akin to comparing Anthrax (the metal band) to anthrax (the bacterial disease). They had about as much in common.

Having said that, I went into the show as a fan, and came out a bigger fan. Not only did I have a great time at the show, there is a genuineness to Lady Gaga that comes out when she speaks. She preaches love and tolerance, and I think we can all use a little more of that.

Her final number, Marry the Night, performed with a handful of fans picked out of the "Monster Pit", was the perfect ending to a fabulous evening. Not only had she started early, she finished 20 minutes late.....and I can't remember the last time 2 hours and 40 minutes went by so quickly. Bravo, Gaga. Bravo.

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