Thursday, 27 June 2013

NHL Playoffs final results

Well after being 11/12 after the first two rounds, I went o-fer after that, finishing at 11/15. Still pretty respectable but missing all the 'big' series isn't so impressive.

When we were down to the final five teams, I remarked to my wife that the only bad result would be if Chicago won. I had two of my favorite teams alive (LA, Boston), an $850 ticket on Detroit, and Pittsburgh winning would have meant a Cup for Jarome Iginla.

F****NG Blackhawks.

Seriously, they are worthy winners and deserve the Cup, they were much the best team for most of the regular season. I have no ill-will towards Chicago or their fans (not exactly crazy about that damn song they play after each goal, but whatever), they have turned into a model organization since the death of Bill Wirtz. Kind of sad to think that the only thing holding them back was their owner and once he died, they started to flourish.

Oh, and when I was growing up, my favorite goalie was Tony Esposito. I never claimed to be a Hawks fan, but I loved me some Tony-O. Never really understood why, exactly, but there it is....

Congratulations to the Hawks and their fans.

Now let's start working on next season.

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