Saturday, 26 November 2011

It's REALLLLY beginning to look a lot like Xmas.....

It's THAT day, time to put up the Xmas tree! Actually I've already put it up, just waiting for Tracey to get home to decorate it. I had to completely rearrange the living room in order to put it where we wanted it, so hopefully that gets Tracey's approval; if not, I guess I'll be re-re-arranging the living room before we get around to decorating the tree!

Christmas day is four weeks from tomorrow. Wow, where does the time go??

Last weekend we had a couple friends over and I made my first cheesecake! Yay! It sucked. Boo!! Actually I'm not sure it was my fault, I think it was the sour-cream heavy recipe. I'm trying again right now with a more "traditional" New York style cheesecake, which will be covered with blueberry sauce. It can't possibly be worse than the last attempt.

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