Friday, 27 April 2012

Round 2, here we go......

After a less than stellar 4/8 in round 1 (not to mention that my pick for Cup winner lasted only five games), let's see if we can improve on that for Round 2......

Los Angeles over St. Louis in 6
Nashville over Phoenix in 7

Philadelphia over New Jersey in 6 **
NY Rangers over Washington in 7

** I know, I know, I picked the Devils to make it to the Cup Finals, but I'm flipping on that. Hope I'm wrong....but there is clearly something wrong with Kovalchuk's ankle/knee/leg that is preventing him from skating. That should be enough to cost them against the Flyers.

I'm setting the under/over for goals scored in the entire Western Conference games this round at 22.5...and I think I'm taking the "under".....

Off to Vegas tomorrow! Can't wait. I will be blogging about the trip so make sure to tune in, faithful readers.

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