Saturday, 7 April 2012

Three weeks and counting....

....until my lovely wife and I take off to Las Vegas!!

Let me tell you, we are in desperate need of a week away. Between the continuing saga of my Dad's illness and recovery, and the recent loss of our cat Pepe, a vacation is just what the doctor ordered.

We did have a great time with some very good friends last weekend. We hosted a Wrestlemania party, featuring some great food and wine, and this little beauty:

Championship cake. Oh, so sweet.

My wife says that cake was made from bitterness and tears. I pointed out if it was made from the tears of Canucks fans, it would be SO much bigger.

Beautiful weekend in Chilliwack today; so nice in fact that we are heading out to the Vedder River for a little walk, then off to a wine tasting at our favorite VQA Wine store. If only every weekend was this good!!

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