Sunday, 29 April 2012

Vegas Day 2....

6:00 AM - What the heck has happened to me???? I used to be the ultimate night if I sleep past 6 AM it means I'm sick. I used to mock old people who go to sleep before the sun is down and get up at this unholy hour, and now I have become one of them. Not much else to do now but move to Florida, hike my pants up to my armpits and complain about the government full-time.

7:30 AM - The wife wakes up!!! After a little bit of complaining, she's a real trooper, and she starts to do her business to get ready for the day.

9:01 AM - We are out the door, narrowly missing out on the "oh my GOD we will actually be out the door before 9?" award.

9:30 AM - Breakfast at the Bellagio Cafe. Excellent as always. We neglected to bring the camera but we'll be back to Bellagio later in the week so we'll take our pictures of the Conservatory at that point. Oh, and did I mention how freaking awesome our rental car is when the top is down?? No sight line issues with no top and I think I'm falling in love with convertibles.....

11:00 AM - After a bit of shopping at Bellagio we head to Las Vegas Premium Outlets North to do a little more shopping. Earlier this morning I remarked to Tracey that she was wearing very inappropriate footwear to be shopping in the heat in Las Vegas. I was proven correct after we'd been at the mall for about 5 minutes, and the crappy sandals she was wearing started to give her blisters. To the Nike store we go, where she bought a couple pair of good running shoes. Disaster averted.

We picked a good weekend to be there, as Sunglass Hut was having a big clearance sale. I got a pair of Oakleys (yeah I needed another pair of Oakleys like I needed a third nipple, I know) and Tracey bought a pair of Prada glasses....both pairs for under $200! And we had a $100 gift card that we got from AirMiles, so the whole thing cost us about $100 out of pocket.

2:00 PM - Today's shopping done and we're back in the room to relax for a little while before dinner and our show. We have reservations at Zefferino, an Italian restaurant in the Venetian, and then tickets for LOVE at the Mirage. This should be a fun evening!

Oh, and as of this writing (2:12 PM), I have not yet had a Pina Colada today. I am a little bit disgusted with myself.

4:00 PM - Back into the car and we head to the Mirage and park, then walk across to the Venetian where we have dinner reservations at Zeffirino. We have a little bit of time so we walk around the Venetian shops, including a new one called It'Sugar.....1000 square feet of sugar. Willy Wonka is everywhere. Every kind of bulk candy you could ever hope for, and some you would NEVER hope for. It better be good, because that bulk candy is $14/lb. Ouch.

5:00 PM - We arrive at the restaurant for our reservation and are quickly taken upstairs to a beautiful, much-fancier-than-I-thought dining room. Fantastic "old world" decor and our table is literally overlooking the gondola boats.

I highly recommend this restaurant. The service was perfect; not overly-solicited or annoying, but I'm sure if one of us had dropped a fork someone would have been there to catch it before it hit the floor. We both ordered salad; my caesar was terrific and Tracey's mixed green salad was awesome. For our entree, Tracey ordered a traditional pasta dish and I had a filet of sole, crusted in bread crumbs and accompanied by a rosemary and pineapple sauce. It might have been the best fish I have ever eaten, and Tracey's pasta was also fantastic. We topped off the meal with a bottle of top notch Pinot Noir. A truly satisfying meal.

6:30 PM - All you need is LOVE, and baby, that's where we are headed now! This is my 5th time seeing this show and it never disappoints. I've never sat this close before, we are in row 6, and I am seated against the railing right next to one of the performer entrances. The first female performer to enter the show made eye contact and winked at me. At the end of the show, the guy that does the crazy tricks on the board high above the stage (during "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite") high-fived me on the way off the stage. It was pretty cool to be that close and see all the performers' facial expressions.

Having said that, if this was the first time I'd seen the show, we were probably TOO close. A lot happens in this show, and a lot happens way up above you, and it would have been easy to miss some important details from this vantage point. I'm glad I've now seen the show from 5 very different viewing angles.

I don't think I'm overstating it to suggest this is the best show in Vegas; in fact, it's the best show I've ever seen, anywhere, anytime, any price, period. I cannot imagine ever coming here and not seeing this show. If you have never seen it, you need to stop reading this blog, go to your nearest airport, and fly to Vegas IMMEDIATELY. Yes I know I said that before, but I really mean it this time.

8:30 PM - Tracey decides to play a little slots and I head to the poker room where they have a seat open in a $1/$2 no limit game. After her slots Tracey takes the car back to the resort and I stay and play for a few hours. I make a modest $151 for my trouble in a session absent of any significant hands. Some AWFUL players at that table, not a huge surprise for Vegas in the evening.

1:00 AM - Home from poker, and off to bed. I'm interested to see if my body will actually allow me to sleep in considering I'm up so late......

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