Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Vegas Day 4

8:35 AM - Up and about, getting ready to start the day. We have dinner reservations tonight but no other plans, so we're just going to wing it. One thing I definitely need to do is increase my Pina Colada count, which currently sits at just two. I feel shame.

10:00 AM - Over to the Wynn to see if their breakfast buffet measures up to their Dinner offerings. It doesn't, but how could it? It's very good, though.

11:00 AM- We take the car and park at Bellagio, which is central the places we are planning to visit today. First up, we head into Bellagio to check out their Gallery of Fine Art, which is featuring a Monet exhibit. It's truly breathtaking to see such works of art up close. We actually have a Monet print in our house, so it was extra special to see the original piece live! The real painting looks a bit more impressive than our print.

After the art gallery, we walk over to Caesar's to check out the Forum Shops, on our way over to the Mirage which is our intended destination. We stop into Burberry and pick up a couple of nice watches (expensive, sure, but not as much as one might expect for Burberry watches, and I was in need of a nice watch). As we get near the end of the Forum Shops, we come across the sports memorabilia store where Pete Rose is usually hanging out signing things (and the same store where I got my picture with Ric Flair)....Pete is not there today, but we did come across this little item:

HOLY SHIT!!!  The greatest Quarterback in NFL history, and my all-time favorite player, is signing autographs here on Friday? The day BEFORE we leave Vegas???

After the paramedics defibrillate me back to life, I hand over my credit card to the shop owner to pre-purchase a limited edition jersey for Joe to sign. The jersey is numbered 3/16 (3 was his number at Notre Dame, 16 was his number with the 49ers as you can see from the picture) and will look pretty damn good framed on my wall at home. This is exciting beyond belief!! We have tickets for Elton John on Friday night but we'll have to stop here first! Wow, so fantastic.

What is not quite so fantastic is that my wife isn't feeling 100% (perhaps 3 buffets in 3 days has something to do with that) so we actually cancel our dinner reservations for tonight, we are just going to head back to the resort and grab a bite from the marketplace and relax.

Next up we arrive at the Mirage to go to Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. They have a couple of baby dolphins (9 months and 8 months) but honestly they aren't a lot smaller than the other dolphins. They are cute of course, but I defy you to show me a dolphin that isn't cute. We've been here before but this is our first time since we bought our new camera, and Tracey, who is the family photographer, gets some great shots.

This was one of the more amazing things I've seen; you can't really tell from the picture, but this dolphin did a full 360 degree flip in the air:

Of course we also got to see some cats. Some very sleepy cats.

One of the cages had four tigers in it, and none of them moved at all while we were there. If I wanted to see four lazy cats sleep all day, I would have just stayed home.

4:30 PM - Back at the resort at we each have a slice of pizza (and by "slice" I mean "biggest piece of pizza ever") and settle down to upload the pictures from today and chill a bit. I have managed to double my Pina Colada count to four so far today.

5:00 PM - We head down to the pool to do a little hot tubbing and then we grab some sandwiches at the market on the way back up. We decide that today is as good a day as any to crack open the bottle of '02 Dom Perignon that we bought. Tracey has never had this before and I had it once, years ago, and we're looking forward to finding out what real champagne is supposed to taste like.

Kind of overrated, I think. It's good, but not great, IMO. Not sure I'd ever buy this again, at least not for just 2 people. Maybe for a group celebration or something like that. Oh well, glad we tried it.

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