Thursday, 3 May 2012

Vegas Day 6

8:30 AM - Well that was quite a sleep in....for me anyway.... the wife is still fast asleep.

9:45 AM - STILL fast asleep....I better go wake her up as we are planning to go to In N Out burger for lunch. I'm going to wake the bear......wish me luck.

The bear didn't maul me too badly, and she's up and beginning what she decribes as "the process" of getting ready to go.

12:00 PM - Yes, it's noon, and we finally arrive for lunch at In N Out burger. Wow those burgers are overrated. They're perfectly fine, but I wouldn't cross the street in heavy traffic to get one. Nothing special at all. I actually think I prefer the Five Guys Burger and Fries burgers, and THOSE are overrated as Hell too.

1:00 PM - We park at the Hard Rock Hotel, as we are planning to check out the Kiss mini golf that is across the street. It just opened in the last month, and it's pretty cool. This is actually the first time I've ever been to the Hard Rock Hotel, and the music memorabia is off the charts. Highly recommend that any music fans check out this hotel next time they are in Vegas. I beat Tracey at mini-golf (oh that's a surprise........) and we head back to pick up the car, so we can go back to the resort to change clothes for dinner.

5:30 PM - Dinner at FIX, in Bellagio. We got a terrific deal on dinner as a package with the "O" tickets. We have already paid for dinner as part of the package so it seems like it's free, and we only have to pay for the very nice bottle of German Reisling that we add to our meal. I have filet mignon with scampi, Tracey has chicken. Dinner comes with appys and dessert too, so it's a great deal. This was a really good meal.

7:30 PM - O, by Cirque du Soleil. Good show, very enjoyable, but highly overrated, IMO. Not nearly as good as Love, and also doesn't stand up to KA.

9:30 PM - We have VIP passes to go to the big nightclub in Bellagio, The Bank, but there is a private function that restricts our access until 10:30 PM, so we pass and head to........

10:00 PM - We hit the Wynn and head to Parasol Down, one of our favorite cocktail spots in the city. We have a couple "free drink" coupons to use from a survey we agreed to take the last time we were in the Wynn, and there is nothing better than a couple free cocktails!! I have the "Pear-A-Sol" (get it? Parasol?) and Tracey has a fruity little number. They are both excellent, but we don't get to spend too much time outside as there is someone smoking a cigar (SERIOUSLY, HOW IS THAT STILL LEGAL?????) about 6 feet from we head inside to finish up the drinks.

Oh, and Tracey got carded for the second time this trip. She insisted I mention that in the blog.

11:05 PM - Back at the resort and off to bed. Tomorrow is our last full day in Vegas this trip. BOOOOO.

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