Saturday, 5 May 2012

Vegas Day 8 - the trip home

7:30 AM - Up and packed, so sad to be leaving. Downstairs to grab a bite to eat at the market and then I send Tracey up to the room to call the Bell desk and get them to go get our luggage while I go get the rental car from the parking lot. I cannot overstate what a treat it was to drive this car all week. It's competely impractical for Vancouver, but that won't necessarily preclude me from buying one anyway.

9:30 AM - We arrive at the airport, we're pretty early but didn't really have time to do much else today, and the earlier you get here the better chance of getting an upgrade to first class, which we do! It's the best deal in flying, it costs us $60 more than it would have cost us anyway ($20 per bag, which becomes free with the first class ticket). The bad news is that we find out we are realllllllly early as the flight is delayed at least an hour.

10:00 AM - We arrive at our gate with at least a couple hours to kill, so I fire up the computer and Tracey buries herself in a book. No huge deal, it's worth it to get the upgrade. As we're sitting there, they change our gate, but only from 25 to 26. Then to 27. Back to 26. I feel like I've suddenly been transported into Airplane! "Flight 909er from Chicago now arriving at gate 11. Gate 12. Gate 13..... Gate 19...Gate 20.....".

12:10 PM - Things get really interesting now. Our plane arrived and has unloaded, so they've called for the first class passengers to board; I am first in line, and as they are checking my ticket, one of the workers comes to our gate and tells the lady checking us through to hang on for a second as there were still 3 people to deplane. As they come up the ramp, I notice two women and one GIANT man carrying a bunch of very large Louis Vuitton bags. As they get a bit closer, I notice the first woman is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life....and there is a reason for that....IT IS BEYONCE!!! OMG she looks amazing in person. She made eye contact and smiled at me :-) She wasn't really trying to hide her identity at all, which was ironic because the other two were wearing the huge sunglasses and looking down like they were trying to hide. The smaller girl might have been her sister Solange but I'm not sure about that. Obviously the guy was a bodyguard, he was the size of a house. Pretty damn exciting.

Beyonce looked much taller than her height which the 'net says is only 5'7", but of course she could have been wearing huge heels. I wasn't looking at her feet :-)

12:45 PM - We take off, it's a very bumpy takeoff as it's crazy windy in Vegas (in fact it's been windy quite a bit this week) but nothing too absurd. It's an excellent flight, and we get a terrific lunch (Southwest chicken sandwich with an orzo pasta salad). Everything goes smoothly and we land a few minutes earlier than expected.

As I get off the plane in beautful downtown Bellingham, I am reminded of the classic line from "the Wizard of Oz":

"Toto, I don't think we're in Vegas anymore".

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the ride!

Engemoen OUT.

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