Friday, 4 May 2012

Vegas Day 7

9:15 AM - Wow that was a nice restful sleep, but now it's time to get up and begin the sad process of packing. We leave tomorrow morning and since we have big plans tonight (can you say ELTON F'N JOHN????) it's a good idea to get partially packed before we head out for the day. When I say "we" I mean "me" because the wife is still asleep.

10:21 AM - I'm packed about as far as I can be, and she's still I'm going out. I think she's going to have a pool day so I'm going to go enjoy Vegas for a few hours until it's time to meet up before dinner time. Have to be at the Sports memorabilia shop around 3:30 to get in line for the Joe Montana autograph!!

10:22 AM - Oops. I woke the bear, and the bear responded by telling me that she's had a horrible sleep, didn't fall asleep until around 7 AM. Going to be a long day for the bear at this point..... so I leave and am hopeful she can fall back asleep.

11:45 AM - Nope, just got a text that she's up now. She's packing while I am out exploring Vegas a bit. I parked the car at the Cosmopolitan, just to look around; it's the newest hotel and while I've been here before, I didn't explore much. It's very, very nice. I join their player's club, which gives you points for not just gambling, but anything you eat or buy in their shops too. Seems like a good deal as most of the other rewards programs are gambling-only.

1:30 PM - Back at the resort and Tracey is getting ready to go out, but boy does she ever look tired. Going to be one grouchy bear later tonight, but hopefully the excitement of the Elton John show will keep her awake and interested.

2:25 PM - Updated the blog and went downstairs to get Tracey a Starbucks latte. Perhaps getting her hyped up on caffeine is the answer.

2:45 PM - She's ready and we're off to Caesar's Palace where I will get my jersey autographed by Joe Montana. When we get there the Valet parking is full so I drop Tracey off and drive across Hell's half acre to the self parking.

3:15 PM - Yes it takes me half an hour to park and get back to Caesar's to meet Tracey. When we arrive at the store, there is already a lineup, but we are only 8th or 9th in line. Since my Pina Colada count is suffering so badly, Tracey waits in line while I hike up to the Mirage to Rhumbar to get a frosty, delicious P.C. That brings the count to 6, and that's all I'm going to get I'm afraid....well below my trip quota of 10.

4:30 PM - Joe arrives on time. It's really a thrill to meet him, but if there is one disappointment it is that he is seated behind a table with guys on either side of him, so no opportunity to take a real quality picture with him. This is the only photo we were able to take.

Here is the jersey:

4:45 PM - Done with Joe and we have a little time before our dinner reservations so we hit a few of the high end purse stores. We are introduced to a tiny little $15K purse made of crocodile at Gucci. Jesus.

5:30 PM - Dinner at Trevi, an Italian restaurant right by the fountains in the Forum Shops. Tracey calls this "the best meal of the week", and we had some pretty damn good meals. She has chicken scalloppini and I have a pasta carbonara which was also excellent. We'll definitely be back.

7:15 PM - After I take the camera and jersey to the car, it's time for Elton John! I was a little surprised to find out we could have taken the camera in, they were allowing pictures (just no recording), but too late now. The stage was beautiful, and Mr. John was in fine form. It's the first time I've seen him live so that was really a thrill. He appropriately started off the show with "The Bitch is Back" and finished with "Circle of Life".

I have seen a ton of terrific concerts from "old farts" in the last year or so; Elton, Aerosmith, Roger Daltry, Steve Miller, KISS......the old guys still know how to rock.

And then there was the Britney Spears concert, which was akin to an abortion.

9:30 PM - The show ran just about exactly 2 hours. After a prolonged standing ovation, the crowd started to dissipate out into the casino. After fighting through the throngs, we managed to get up to the parking garage and get the car. I'm quite perturbed that I'm almost done driving this car; I may have to just go home and buy one.

10:30 PM - Almost finished packing and we opened up the last bottle of wine that we had in the room. This bottle costs us about $25 at home, it was less than $10 here. I guess this is the place to get California wine (well, OK, maybe California too).

Time for bed. Tracey was a real trooper today, on only 3 hours sleep, so she needs to get a good rest for tomorrow's travel day. I'm tired too because I'm just old, dammit.

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