Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Begin the Six Pack Challenge

Much respect to those of you who have done 30-day (or longer) "yoga challenges"....30 straight days of yoga??



Sorry just thinking about that made me pass out for a minute. Where was I?.....

Oh yeah, today I have begun my own yoga challenge; since I would like to actually complete this goal, I'm setting a reasonable goal.....so here goes the Engemoen Six Pack Challenge!! That's right, SIX straight days of yoga!

I've been doing yoga for a couple years now but I've never done six days in a row. I did do eight classes in a seven day period once, but there were a couple days off in there....and if memory serves, I couldn't move for about a week after that.

I joined the Bikram studio in Chilliwack a few months ago; I must confess, I really didn't like the Bikram style much at first, but now.....ah who am I kidding, I'm still not crazy about it.... but it's definitely the best studio in Chilliwack so, to quote the great philosopher, Todd Bertuzzi, "it is what it is". I much prefer my old studio but it's in White Rock, and with my job ending in the not-too-distant-future, I need to make sure that I have access to a convenient studio, so I made the change. I'll get used to it. I'm committed to dropping in to the old studio from time to time when it's convenient.

Let the Engemoen Six Pack Challenge (TM) begin!!

Day 1 - 5 PM class, Bikram Yoga Garrison

Teacher - Leslie

Leslie is one of the new owners of the studio and she is very nice. She's also really fat. OK that's not fair, she has a reason to be, she is 5-6 months pregnant. Since Bikram teachers don't really show you the poses unless there is a brand new person in the class anyway, it really doesn't matter that she's unable to do some of the poses.

Today's class is pretty standard. I've been having a real problem with my left shoulder for months, but it is finally getting close to being 100%. I'm still careful with it but it's not bothering me too much. However, I have recently developed a bit of pain in my left knee which is a bit concerning. It only flares up in one pose; "fixed-firm pose", but I have to be pretty careful in that one today. It starts to hurt a bit early in the pose so I take it easy and don't even try to go all the way in that one. No biggie.

Otherwise, it's a good class, nothing too noteworthy. Same old, same old. We'll see if I'm still feeling like that at the end of the Engemoen Six Pack Challenge (TM) nears!!

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