Saturday, 23 June 2012

Engemoen Five-In-Six-Pack Challenge (TM), Day 5

Day 5

8:00 AM Class - Bikram Yoga Garrison (90 min)

Teacher - James

It was tough to convince myself to go to class this morning as I wasn't feeling that great. Something interesting happened last night; I got really, really drunk on wine. Now, that's not the first time that's ever happened, but it is the first time it happened on not all that much wine. My body was clearly rebelling against something. Anyway, I managed to drag myself to class, realizing that it was probably not going to be my best effort.

It was one of the best yoga classes I've ever had.

Our bodies are funny aren't they?  My balance, which is abhorrent even for a tubby guy at the best of times, was better than usual. I was able to get almost all the way into standing head to knee pose, and had no trouble getting fully into fixed-firm pose either. I still wasn't feeling great, but I was able to have a terrific class.

Then the fun started. I started to feel a bit nauseous on the way home, and not long after I was home, I puked my guts out. Really, really bad.

After it was over, and I mean almost IMMEDIATELY after it was over, I felt better. I was starving so I had some breakfast, and felt much better.

Oh, I hopped on the scale just before I had breakfast, and I hit another all-time low. If only I could throw up more I'd be so much lighter :-)

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