Thursday, 21 June 2012

Day 3 of yoga thing

So it turns out my attempt to trademark the catchy "Engemoen Six Pack Challenge" failed; apparently a distant cousin had a thing with his abs or something way back I'm just going to call it the yoga thing until I come up with a new, improved, catchier title.

Day 3

4:30 PM Class - Westcoast Hot Yoga White Rock (60 min)

Teacher: Mike

My favorite class; 1 hour hot yoga. Today's class took "hot" to a whole new level. Mike actually stopped class for a minute to check the thermostat as even he was finding it ridiculously hot. At least it wasn't my imagination. Before the class even started, I was sweating like the pig that knows he's dinner.

I love the one hour classes for two main reasons: one, I feel like I'm getting a much better workout in these 1-hr classes than I do in 90 minutes of Bikram's; two, even Bikram class is exactly the same, and I like the variety. Every one hour hot class is different from the last one.

My yoga has improved so much since I've been doing it, I'm nowhere near as tired as I was when I first started. I guess that goes without saying (but I said it anyway, so live with it). I'm not sure I'm less tired today than I was when this "yoga thing" started, but it's only been three days....

No knee problems today, although we didn't do the "fixed firm" pose we did one quite similar so that's a good sign. Hopefully it won't bother me when I go back to Bikram tomorrow.

I hit another weight loss milestone this morning, weighing in at under 219 pounds for the first time (OK I was probably under 219 when I was six). I often wonder where it ends; I'm a big guy, I'm never going to be "skinny" or anything close to that, but I am fascinated by the question of exactly how small I will be able to get? At my heaviest, 285 lbs, I was wearing XXXL shirts. Today I am comfortable in size L. I suspect I may get to M, but I can't imagine ever being any smaller than that. Me in a size SMALL? There's just no way. Is there? Doesn't seem feasable.

Halfway there.......before I post tomorrow's blog I have to make a point of coming up with a new catchy title......

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