Saturday, 15 September 2012

California Trip, Day 2

8:05 AM - I'm already up and showered, and I decide it's time to poke the bear and get going. I know she's awake, I've heard the tossing and turning.

She complains a little bit about the time.....then it gets even worse when she looks at her cell phone and notices that it's actually only 7:40 AM! Obviously the time in this room was incorrect. So....

7:40 AM - After a bit more kvetching, she's up and the process begins.

1:00 PM - The process ends and we're ready to go. OK, kidding, it wasn't that long.....

9:00 AM - We are in the car, heading down the highway on our way to Knott's Berry Farm, our stop for the evening. After getting gas and eating breakfast at McDonald's (more gas), we are off again. It takes very little time until I'm asleep again.

12:30 PM - I wake to find we are stopped, getting gas again, only a couple hours from our destination. One major irritant from this trip, due to a fairly large (I'm told) fraud scheme that happened down here, everyone putting a credit card into the gas pumps has to enter their zip code, so we can't use our credit cards at the pump down here....we have to go into the station every time.

1:30 PM - Well according to our GPS we are only 45 minutes from our destination. According to the accident on the LA freeway in front of us, 45 minutes is actually 2 hours. Well at least we are ahead of schedule so no big deal.

3:30 PM - We arrive at Knott's Berry Farm and check into the hotel. We get a perfectly nice room, the hotel seems very comfortable. Never stayed here before but thought we'd give it a shot for the first night. All seems good so far.

3:55 PM - Finally got a chance to update the blog and we are off to Mrs. Knott's Chicken Restaurant for a copius amount of bird!!! MMMMMMM

4:25 PM - After a very modest wait, we get seated for our chicken dinner. Every time I've been to this restaurant, I've left satisfied and dying for more chicken.

Not this time.

It was good, but not great. Chicken was a little dry. Biscuits were terrible (Tracey liked them more than I did). Other accompaniments were fine, nothing special.

Can't complain about the portion size or price, though. We got two chicken dinners (three HUGE pieces of white meat), mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, salad, soup, biscuits, and choice of ice cream or pie (or in my case, pie AND ice cream), 2 soft drinks and one glass of wine, including tax and tip, for $60. This may explain the obesiety problem in this country.

Tracey and I are, no exaggeration, the second smallest people in this restaurant. Seated right next to us are two young, fit people (wow do they look out of place).....why are they fit? They ordered one dinner between the two of them! That was smart, if we come back here I'll try to remember that. It's way too much food for one person.

6:03 PM - Have I mentioned how hot it is here? It is 40 degrees right now, and it's after 6 PM!!! Jesus.

6:10 PM - Updated the blog and headed down to the pool to relax and unwind a little. Tomorrow we head into the park for a few hours and then off to our home for the next 6 nights, the Grand Californian Resort!

7:00 PM - Well the pool is perfectly nice, but it was basically Tracey and I, and about 150 kids. Oh, and one very nice lady who decided to spark up a cigarette WHILE SITTING IN THE POOL. Jesus. Stay classy, Buena Park.

I mean, I don't blame the 7 year olds for not knowing that the hot tub is not the same as a swimming pool and perhaps it's not a good idea to run and jump into it...but where the F are the parents???

7:28 PM - Up in the room to relax a bit, read Email, and watch some TV. We want to be up early to have breakfast and be at the park entrance when the park opens at 10.

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