Friday, 21 September 2012

California Trip, Day 8

7:30 AM - I'm up and on my way to the lineup to get into DCA early again. Tracey joins me shortly thereafter and we're off to take another bite out of Radiator Springs Racers. That is a FANTASTIC ride! The Disney Imagineers have outdone themselves on that one.

We walk over to Toy Story Midway Mania and I see something I have never seen before; the wait time sign actually says "ZERO" minutes wait. ZERO!

And they were right, we walk right onto the ride! This is the same ride that had a wait time of 180 minutes when we were here at Xmas time. I prefer zero.

Regrettably, Tracey strips me of the title of "Toy Story Champion". I'm sure there was cheating involved, or at least some bribery.

We also get another ride on Screamin', and a few other smaller rides, before leaving the park for breakfast.

10:00 AM - Back to La Brea Bakery for another terrific breakfast. We chose this for breakfast again as it is right near the entrance to the parks and we are heading over to Disneyland to knock a few more things off our list.

One of my Disney "to do" lists is to get pictures with all of the Princesses. Don't laugh, it's not as easy as you think. When was the last time you saw Pocahontas hanging around? Yeah, I didn't think so. She remains my Princess "White Whale". I've literally NEVER seen her in any of the parks, but I know she exists. I'm also missing the following:

Tiana (she is here, hoping to get her before we leave this trip)
Rapunzel (apparently here also, but have never seen her)
Mulan (never seen her here, but can get her in March in Orlando, she hangs around the China Pavilion at EPCOT)

We did knock one more off the list today, however, as the newest entry into the club, Merida from Brave, has her own meet-and-greet spot in the park across from It's A Small World.

Notice that over our shoulders we are about to be attacked by bears. I swear there are more critters here than in Yellowstone.

1:40 PM - Updating the blog and about to lay down for a little nappy-poo before tonight's festivities begin.

4:00 PM - Never did fall asleep, but Tracey did, so at least one of us will be rested for tonight.

5:00 PM - Uploading a bunch of pictures from the camera to my computer, and just now realizing how slow the Wi-Fi here is. Taking forever to upload a few pics. We have also done the bulk of our packing, as tonight is our last night here! Tomorrow we are off to San Diego for one night and then to our resort in Carlsbad for the balance of the trip.

5:30 PM - Dinner at Catal in Downtown Disney, a Spanish/Mediterranean restaurant. Excellent food and a very nice table overlooking Downtown Disney. I decided to try an expensive glass of scotch after dinner just to see if I liked it. Not so much. I think I'll stick to wine.

7:00 PM - Off to DCA to get some pictures of the new Cars Land at night. It is spectacular! It evokes images of the Las Vegas strip. Disney has hit a home run here, IMO.

8:30 PM - Back to the room to finish up our packing and get a good sleep. Tomorrow morning we have to check out and head to San Diego. Can't believe how fast six days in this hotel has flown by!!!

9:30 PM - The fireworks start and we get to view them from our hotel room again. It's pretty special to watch the fireworks show from bed!!!

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