Saturday, 22 September 2012

California Trip, Day 9

7:00 AM - I'm up and go to the door to get our bill and make sure that everything looks hunky dory. It does, so no need to riot. Tracey is still asleep so I'm trying to be quiet but that's not all that easy.

8:05 AM - She's up!!!!!! There is some whining about the time, of course, but not as much as usual. We've pre-ordered breakfast to come to our room between 9-9:30 so we are going to try to finish up the packing and get ready so we can get a jump on things after breakfast.

8:30 AM - Tried to log into my work Email address and it's disabled; so now it's OFFICIAL that I don't have to go back to work when I get home, except for one day to sign some termination papers. I still get paid until the end of my contract, October 30th, so for the next six weeks I get to realize a dream; getting paid to do NOTHING.

8:45 AM - Breakfast actually arrives early; no big deal, we are hungry so that works out well. We take it out to our patio to eat it while enjoying the silent tranquility of Downtown Disney in the morning. AH, what a beautiful way to eat breakfast.

10:30 AM - Called the bell to come and get our bags. We came in with 6, are leaving with 9. That's gonna be a problem on the drive home I suspect.....for now, we are able to squeeze everything in the car.

Oh, did I mention I got sunburned to a crisp the other day? Two days later and my chest and stomach are still lobster red. I NEVER burn. Luckily it's more irritating than painful at this point but still, I'll have to stay out of the sun for a few more days.

12:00 PM - Arrive at SeaWorld. This is a great park, and the best thing about it is that you can see everything you want in a few hours, and then go do something else.

2:45 PM - We're done, and heading to our hotel. Tonight is our "transitional" night, staying at a La Quinta Inn in San Diego, just a few minutes away from SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo.

4:30 PM - Had pizza delivered for dinner, as we are heading out to a charity event tonight called the San Diego Zoo Food and Wine Event. We know there will be food there but we're not sure how much so we don't want to be hungry all night.

7:30 PM - At the San Diego Zoo for the event. OMG it is SOOOOO much bigger and better than we imagined!! There must be 200 food and wine vendors here. So much food/wine/beer/spirits that you couldn't possibly sample it all even if you stayed all night! Also got a picture with Tonight Show legend Joan Embry, and got to feed a porcupine! Also got pictures with a hedgehog, holding an armadillo and a couple of snakes. What an absolutely FANTASTIC evening!!

10:30 PM - Back at the hotel for the evening, going to try to get a nice sleep as tomorrow we are heading back to the Zoo for the day, and then checking into the resort in Carlsbad in the evening. This has been a great vacation so far but I'm freaking exhausted!!!

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