Tuesday, 18 September 2012

California Trip, Day 5

6:59 AM - Alert the media, I almost slept in until 7AM! Wow.

7:00 AM - I'm not alone this time, as Tracey's alarm wakes her up too. We are off to Disney's California Adventure park this morning. The park opens at 10 for the general public, 9 for us; we want to be in line by 8:30 so we can get to Cars Land before everyone else gets there too.

8:00 AM - We are out of sunscreen so I head down to the store to get some. They have SPF 10, 15, and 70. SPF 70? I think that's called mayonnaise. Nothing better on a burger than some SPF 70.

9:00 AM - They open the gates for the Hotel guests and away we go! We go directly to Cars Land (as does everyone else), and head straight for the "E Ticket" ride, Radiator Springs Racers. It only takes us about 10 minutes to get onto the ride, and it is FANTASTIC!! We also hit the other two rides in Cars Land, plus Toy Story Midway Mania, |Screamin', Soarin', and Grizzly River Rapids, all by 11 AM!!! We're done with what we wanted to do in the park already, so we are heading out of the park now to hit lunch.\

Oh, and just for the record, I beat Tracey like a rented mule at the Toy Story game. Back on top, baby!!!

11:15 AM - We head up to Tortilla Jo's in Downtown Disney for a mexican lunch. Very tasty. After lunch we go up to the Lego store to take some pictures. Now, I'm not really a "lego guy", it doesn't mean much to me, but the things they have built from Lego are UNREAL! Check out these:

Beauty and the Beast.

And some chick in a yellow dress.

Not impressive enough for you? How about this bad boy on top of the roof:

That thing's made of LEGO, man. LEGO. Jesus I can't even imagine how long it would take to put something like that together.

12:30 PM - Back up to the room to rest a little. Tracey is heading down to the pool, I think I may have a nap and then join her.

1:00 PM - Decided to go to the pool before the nap; actually "pools" would be more accurate, there are 3 seperate pools, each with their own hot tub. It's a very beautiful area with the most comfortable chairs I have ever experienced at any pool area. It's so hot out that the pools actually seem quite cool. I keep going from the pool to the chairs......it's hot, it's cold, it's hot, it's cold..... I feel like a McDLT.

4:45: After a short nap, it's time to head out for our dinner reservation at the Blue Bayou.

5:40: Dinner at the Blue Bayou is always a "must do" every trip, and tonight is no exception. Tracey has short ribs, I opt for the Surf N Turf, and dinner is excellent as always. After dinner we have some pictures taken, take another ride on POTC, and head back to the room. Oh, and more shopping. Thank goodness we had SO much room in our suitcases for all the stuff we are buying. Believe me, that last sentence reeked of sarcasm. By the time we fit all this stuff back into the car to drive home, I'm going to have to ride on the roof.

And of course, we had to stop at Haagen Dazs for some more ice cream. I decided to shake it up a bit and try the Dulce Dazzler instead of my usual Mint Chip Dazzler. Sometimes a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

8:50 PM - Bedtime, another big day tomorrow, as we are taking a guided tour, a first for us!

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