Friday, 15 March 2013

Orlando Day 13

8:30 AM - interesting fact: as I am writing this, it is currently one degree warmer back home than it is here. Accuweather says it is 8 in Sardis and 7 here. It warms up quickly today though so that makes dressing a bit of a challenge. If we dress for cold, we will be way too warm by the mid morning. I guess we will have to put up with the cold for an hour or so. Virtually no wind today so that helps.

Another interesting fact: TONS of Ontario plates here, and a few from Quebec. Leads me to the unscientific conclusion that Easterners drive more than we do. We don't see anywhere near that many BC plates in Cali.

Second day in a row that the wife has to "take one for the team" as she slept better last night but still not enough. We have breakfast reservations this morning so we are out the door shortly. This is our last visit to the Magic Kingdom this trip so we have a few things (Space Mountain!!!!!!!) left to do but hopefully we can get home early so Tracey can catch up on sleep.

On the tram, a kid asks his mom where they speak French. It takes her a while (too long) to come up with "France". Next question is "where do they speak Spanish?" She immediately answers Mexico, and Argentina. Both correct of course, but only in America would the first answer not be "Spain"!

10:00 AM - Breakfast buffet at Crystal Palace. Visits from Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet only add to a damn fine buffet. All the usual buffet fare plus something called "Pooh puffed French Toast" (in the immortal words of Jessica Simpson "I dunno what it is but I wan it") and "Breakfast Lasagne" which I think is illegal in most countries. It involves layers of pancakes, waffles, pound cake, strawberries and bananas, topped with custard and sugar. Holy shit.

1:00 PM - We are done what we came here to do and it's time to leave the MK for the last time this trip. Four visits here (albeit not full days) was the perfect amount to see just about everything.

We were able to get pictures with Tiana, knocking my Princess List down to one: the White Whale, Pocahontas. It could be argued that she doesn't need to be on the list as she is not technically a Princess but I'm making the judgement call to leave here there. And then there was one.

2:15 PM - off to our local pool. Clearly the wife hasn't had enough "relax" time yet. Oh and did I mention that tomorrow is a "relax-in-other-words-don't-do-a-darn-thing" day??

5:20 PM - Tracey returns from the pool. While she was there I went to Target and picked up some more pasta sauce to make spaghetti for dinner. Trying to use up all the food we bought before we leave. In that vein, we sacrificed and ensured that all the Pop-Tarts and Apple Jacks were eaten tonight. No Pop-Tarts get left behind!

9:30 PM - off to bed. We are going to get up when we get up tomorrow. Tracey mistakenly thinks that we will be able to get chairs at our favourite pool area when she gets up sometimes around noon, but she will discover the truth tomorrow :)

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