Saturday, 16 March 2013

Orlando Day 14

9:00 AM - the penultimate day of our adventure begins a little earlier than I would have liked. Since I don't expect to see the wife awake for some time, I'll have to find something to entertain myself for a while.

11:00 AM - Tracey stirs, makes herself some tea, and begins The Process while I get her pancakes ready.

We noticed yesterday that our jacuzzi tub stopped working, so I call maintenance to have them look at it, as well as at the leak that seems to have materialized under or behind the stove. When I pick up the phone I notice that the phones aren't working either. No wonder its been so quiet here the last few days! Oh well I guess I'll have to head up to the desk and report it in person. I almost turn around when I get there and see there are a half dozen people ahead of me, but they are all little issues and they get to me quickly.

We head to the pool while maintenance comes to fix the tub and leak. Maintenance guy is very friendly but has such a thick accent I can't understand a word as he tries to explain the issues to me. Not that I really care, they get fixed and I'm not really worried about the phones since we are leaving tomorrow morning anyway.

I go back and forth from the townhouse to the pool a couple times. Tracey puts in a full day. What she finds "relaxing", I find "mind-numbingly-boring", but she has to go home to a job and I am going home to nothing so she gets to relax all she wants. Next time we come down here I will bring my golf clubs and go play golf while she chills out all day.

4:30 PM - I'm back at the townhouse to finish the bulk of the packing before we head to dinner. We are going to brave the crowds of Olive Garden, which probably means we won't get seated until 9, but at least we know what we will get.

The weather is brilliant today; actually it's been very nice all trip, but we were spoiled on our last visit in 2011. Not a drop of rain, and no wind or humidity to speak of, for the entire two weeks. That is the vacations against which all other vacations will be measured for weather. It's nearly impossible to get such great weather for two full weeks down here.

5:30 PM - I drop Tracey off at Olive Garden while I go put a little gas in the car, aware that we will be waiting a long time. There are already people waiting outside the door. By the time I get back, she is already seated!! Amazing.

We have a very good dinner, and as we are leaving, there are about 40 people waiting outside for a ttable. I overhear someone say "two hours". Apparently everyone eats a late dinner in this town.

8:44 PM - Just back to the townhouse after one last late night pool/hot tub adventure. An absolutely perfect night to cap off a fabulous vacation!

But I'm talking like the trip is over! Not so; we have a late flight so we are still going to be doing some stuff tomorrow, including a few afternoon hours at Epcot. Loyal readers can expect another blog post at some point tomorrow.

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