Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Orlando Day 3

9:17 AM - feels good to sleep in a little. Yes I know it's only been a couple days and my body still thinks its 6:17 but just go with it.

I grab a pop and head out to the patio to enjoy the morning sun. I am immediately greeted by the cutest lizard you've ever seem, no bigger than my thumb. I'm waiting for him to try to save me 15% on my car insurance but I think he just wanted food. I showed him the sign and he looked up at me as if to say "hey idiot, do I LOOK like an alligator to you???" , and then he went on his way.

10:00 AM - Tracey is up and I'm making bacon and eggs for breakfast while she checks out the pictures from last night's amazing dinner. I tell her to hurry up and get ready to go because indeed some fun and frivolity today....because you know, yesterday wasn't any fun :)

11:30 AM - updating the blog while I wait for the conclusion of "the process". You can't rush perfection. Believe me, I've tried many times.

12:10 PM - off to the Magic Kingdom! It's a spectacular day today, high of 26, so the convertible top goes down and away we go.

12:45 PM - onto the Monorail and into the park. Not crazy busy today but busy enough to make sure my legs are bruised from having strollers rammed into me. I literally had to kick one away after the third time a guy rammed his double wide into my leg, without so much as a "sorry" or "excuse me".

I'm going to campaign for "Stroller land". All strollers are quarantined there. Once your kid is old enough to get out of the stroller, he/she can explore the rest of the park. For goodness sake, there are parents wheeling around 8 year olds in strollers. Memo to parents: if your 8 year old is too tired to walk, time to take them home.

Next time we come here I'm going to bring my knee brace and rent a wheelchair and see if the strollers still want to try to ram me :)

We have a wonderful day, and hit a bunch of key rides. Still lots to see, including everything in the New Fantasyland, but we have lots of time, we will be back at least twice this trip, probably 3 times.

5:10 PM - dinner at the Liberty Tree Tavern. One of the great things about DisneyWorld is the myriad of dining choices. There is no way to emphasize the difference between tonight's dinner and last night's. From the most upscale, finest-of-the-fine dining, to ultra casual (pretty sure a couple of the patrons weren't even wearing pants). From a 7-course, nearly 3 hour meal featuring 7 different wine pairings, to a sit-down-at-the-trough-and-see-how-much-comfort-food-you-can-consume-in-45-minutes adventure. From a meal beginning with an amuse-bouche, to a meal where most of the patrons couldn't pronounce amuse-bouche.

And both were wonderful in very different ways. The folks at the LTT sure know how to fill that trough! Great food, and slightly less expensive than last night's meal (and when I say that I mean, no exaggeration, it was 1/8th the price).

As we are leaving the park we notice that there are characters posing for pictures inside the Theatre, and one of them is Rapunzel. Time to cross one off my "Princesses we have no pictures of" list!

Something interesting happened, Rapunzel came (sort of) out of character! Tracey had mentioned that we were Canadian and Rapunzel asked us if we were from the real Canada or Epcot's Canada! Then she proceeded to talk to us about the fireworks show and her favourite things to do in the park. Definitely not something that the Characters would normally talk about.

We also got pics with Aurora and Cinderella, they were in the same area, and then we were done for the day.

When we get on the tram to go home, Tracey finds that someone decided to leave a dirty diaper on the tram. I am not kidding. I am well aware that this person is not likely reading this blog, bit I'm going to say this anyway: FUCK YOU, YOU IGNORANT PIECE OF GARBAGE. You are a waste of carbon. You are incorrect when you assume that the Disney cast members get paid to clean up your kid's shit. Next time if you feel the need to change your kid on the tram, maybe you could walk the 30 feet from the tram to one of the many garbage cans and dispose of the diaper? The rest of humanity would appreciate that, fucknuts.

8:15 PM - home from the park and off to the nearest pool. Sitting in the hot tub, staring up at the stars and the palm trees. I wonder aloud why we don't live here.

Oh yeah, the little matter of not being able to get jobs, 6 months of hurricane season, and alligators as wildlife.  I knew there had to be a good reason.

8:45 PM - back from the pool and to bed. Going to hit Epcot first thing in the morning.

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