Sunday, 10 March 2013

Orlando Day 8

9:48 AM - well that feels like a lovely sleep in but of course it's pretty false what with the time change. Had a bitch of a time getting to sleep last night for some reason. I'm going to make a bold prediction that the wife doesn't get up this side of noon unless I disturb her.

11:04 AM - Wife makes a liar out of me by 56 minutes. I am forced to publicly apologize for disparaging her good name.

11:45 AM - After breakfast in the blazing sun on our patio, The Process begins.

4:18 PM - The Process completes.

I'm going to pay for that one I'm sure.

1:00 PM - The Process is actually over and we're in the car on our way to Downtown Disney.

First things first, a visit to Haagen Dazs for our "usual"; a mint chip dazzler for me, a cup of peanut butter and chocolate for my lovely wife.

Hold on.

Cancel the rest of the vacation.

No sign of peanut butter and chocolate!!!!!!!

Oh the humanity.

This is devastating.

I am feeling farklempt. Talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic. Rhode Island is neither a road nor an island. Discuss.

Ok better now. Tracey bravely orders a cup of cookies and cream instead, which she describes as "better than nothing".

After this near apocalyptic turn of events, we turn our attention to the shops and pick up a few nice items. Since the last time we were here they have opened up a shop called "Mickey's Pantry" full of cooking items, including some beautiful teas, spices, salts and sugars. We pick up a few of these including one called "sweet onion sugar" which is supposed to go brilliantly on grilled asparagus. I'll be trying that soon after we get home.

4:30 PM - after perusing the wares, we head to a restaurant on Pleasure Island called Paradiso 37, so named because the menu takes inspiration from 37 different countries in North, South, and Central Americas. Ok; looks pretty much like a menu at your average Mexican restaurant but whatever. The food is good. Tracey has a salad and I have a burrito, which comes with cilantro rice as an accompaniment. I think cilantro is pretty overrated but the rice is OK; Tracey, who would put cilantro on Frosted Flakes if she could, tastes the rice and I'm pretty sure she's going to leap across the table, push me out of the way, and lick the rice off my plate.

9:00 PM - after a short workout and a couple hours of swimming and hot tubbing, back to the townhouse to relax for the evening. The weather is amazing now, it's still over 70 degrees!

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